Lichfield Cathedral


When the five year project to renovate Lichfield Cathedral's sixteenth century Herkenrode glass windows and restore the supporting masonry was undertaken, Attridge Scaffolding had to develop a scaffolding solution that would not only cause minimal disruption but be sympathetic to the age of the building.


Attridge Scaffolding erected a huge birdcage within the apse at the east end of the cathedral allowing access routes through the structure and enabling sections to be decked as required. Attridge specified system scaffold due primarily to its flexibility an important factor when overcoming the difficulties heritage projects can cause.


  • Attridge Scaffolding erected a high birdcage at the east end apse allowing access routes through the structure.
  • The use of birdcage scaffold enabled sections to be decked where required.
  • By specifying system scaffold, Attridge Scaffolding knew the use of load bearing ledgers would negate the need for special board bearers.
  • To minimise the erection time, as all scaffold had to be hand balled in through an open window the system scaffold specified by Attridge was lightweight with few components.
  • Attridge also installed stair towers as they are proven to increase productivity



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