Hanbury Hall


When the National Trust had to replace the entire roof at Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire, choosing the right temporary roof was vital. The hall's Grade 1 Listing status ruled out many conventional scaffolding techniques but having extensive experience Attridge Scaffolding knew the demands presented by heritage projects.


Attridge Scaffolding specified a HAKITEC 750 roof system as it provided the best weather protection for the project, while causing minimal disruption to visitor traffic. The flexibility of the roof's design, coupled with outstanding product support, enabled the many challenges of this heritage project to be overcome quickly and efficiently.

  • The roof had to be built in situ without the usual pre-assembly or cranes to lift it into position yet was still erected in less than ten working days.
  • Attridge Scaffolding ensured the roof'ss design was flexible enough to pass it either side of the hall's central cupola, whilst still reducing the materials and labour time required.
  • The hall's Grade 1 listing meant the roof could not be rolled into place so Attridge had to ensure that the fabric was butted up and in fitted to produce a weather tight seal.
  • The solution resulted in a strong and open structure allowing viewing platforms to be erected on the building so the public could see the work in progress.




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