Midland Metro, Wolverhampton


When contractors Hardyman were awarded a maintenance contract on the "wishbone bridge" at the Wolverhampton terminus of the Midland Metro, they were given just four weeks to shot blast and paint the iconic bridge.


With cost overruns calculated not only in terms of cash, but in disruption to commuters, time was of the essence. To erect scaffold around a structure which had no straight edges safely and within the time constraints, Attridge Scaffold knew that only system scaffold would meet the challenges.
  • Attridge's vast knowledge and experience of providing scaffolding solutions for specialist areas such as birdcages or drop scaffold was invaluable.
  • Attridge Scaffolding designed a solution that provided the immense flexibility which was a vital requirement on site.
  • By specifying system scaffold, 30% time saving was achieved compared to using tube and fitting.
  • The scaffold erection was completed safely, on budget and on schedule.



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