Tottenham Hale Bridge


When scaffolding needed to be erected around the Tottenham Hale bridge to facilitate urgent refurbishment work to the mains water pipes, Thames Water appointed Attridge Scaffolding to develop a solution that combined speed with safety. 


With all work to be carried out at night to minimise disruption, Attridge Scaffolding specified HAKISPAN 750 due to its speed of erection and flexibility.


  • From experience Attridge Scaffolding knew the ability to handle greater loads and/or provide larger clear spans offered by HAKISPAN 750 beams would translate into real time savings on site.
  • Flexibility of system allowed for it to be built on the side of the canal and crane lifted into position creating time savings.
  • To meet the tight time constraints, Attridge Scaffolding also ensured that the solution developed was tried and tested prior to commencing on site to ensure all the project's requirements were met.



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