Our customers must have confidence in us to deliver at every stage of the process. 

Ask us to quote and we make sure we thoroughly understand your project: We’ll make a site visit, recognise potential problems and provide proposals that meet your requirements.

We take a pride in the accuracy of our quotations – and our customers appreciate being able to budget with confidence.

Attridge has a stock of tube and fittings, Van Thiel and System Scaffold worth over £2 million. That means we don’t have a vested interest in promoting one solution over another: We can mix and match to suit the project to optimise efficiency and deliver results.

We have over 40 qualified scaffolders permanently on our books and that means that you can have confidence that your project will be executed by reliable people who know what they are doing.

We have a small management team that’s on 24-hour call. Many of our projects involve critical possession times. We can’t sleep soundly at night unless we know that every aspect of the job is covered and that there is always someone available to make important decisions.

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